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Kaip Ikelti Daina
PecewhalmemiaDate: Thursday, 2012-04-05, 4:42 PM | Message # 166
Group: Sveciai

Адекватная вечер! Новости описывающие мои на свободе буквально завершен, переходим к не в ладу с реализации.
ladesriksDate: Thursday, 2012-04-05, 9:52 PM | Message # 167
Group: Sveciai

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BarbozoHopDate: Friday, 2012-04-06, 11:31 PM | Message # 168
Group: Sveciai

Скорее любопытно тему
axoceequeDate: Sunday, 2012-04-08, 2:17 PM | Message # 169
Group: Sveciai

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axoceequeDate: Sunday, 2012-04-08, 2:19 PM | Message # 170
Group: Sveciai

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bokoDate: Monday, 2012-04-09, 4:20 AM | Message # 171
Group: Sveciai

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KinoSermamammariaDate: Monday, 2012-04-09, 6:09 PM | Message # 172
Group: Sveciai

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axoceequeDate: Wednesday, 2012-04-11, 2:24 AM | Message # 173
Group: Sveciai

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Group: Sveciai

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pffsferzssDate: Wednesday, 2012-04-11, 9:24 AM | Message # 175
Group: Sveciai

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ukgifsepagDate: Thursday, 2012-04-12, 1:19 PM | Message # 176
Group: Sveciai

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iconomaniaDate: Friday, 2012-04-13, 12:32 PM | Message # 177
Group: Sveciai

SkyDrive Mobile: A Look at Microsoft's New Windows Phone and iPhone Apps

Today, Microsoft took yet another step to advance its Windows Live SkyDrive consumer-oriented cloud service, offering up free mobile apps for both Windows Phone and Apple's iPhone. I've been using these apps for over a week, and the capabilities are impressive, especially on Windows Phone, which provides document editing capabilities in addition to viewing.

Yes, Virginia, Microsoft is serious about the cloud.

Each app looks and works similarly, though within the confines of the UIs styles of the two mobile platforms. On Windows Phone, this means a Metro-style UI with various screens, or panels, of information, and a bottom-mounted command bar for accessing Settings, changing the view style, and refreshing the view. On iOS, this means a bottom-mounted tab bar which you can use to switch between various screens of information and a Settings interface.

As well-known thitherto, there's also a Settings interface in both apps, but there's not much there. You can configure which account to use--offering the capacity on Windows Phone destined for the maiden but to sign-in with song "main" Windows Endure ID on the phone but a auxiliary Windows Continue account in compensation SkyDrive--and then some "In" information. That's it.

Of advance, you're not here to panorama lists of files and folders. The prevail upon one clout crave a SkyDrive motorized app is to access your cloud-based files on the go. This can be fitted reading purposes or for unearth editing. The familiarity is correspond to on both platforms but unheard-of in undivided major way.

On the iPhone, you can easily position Information documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, verse files, and web documents using the built-in viewer utilities provided on that platform. (These utilities typically interface in the Letters app, such as when you test to open an email attachment.) You can also vision photos and then download them to the phone, the same at a time.
koeteagpDate: Saturday, 2012-04-14, 3:35 PM | Message # 178
Group: Sveciai

Бесплатные загрузки :
qitwupyetDate: Saturday, 2012-04-14, 9:47 PM | Message # 179
Group: Sveciai

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samiieeiDate: Sunday, 2012-04-15, 7:25 PM | Message # 180
Group: Sveciai -part-78532/
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